2 comments on “Im NOT just a teacher

  1. […] And lastly, why do we undermine our own profession? In my opinion, I think it’s been ingrained in us. I’ve heard many times “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” It’s usually meant as a joke or something, but it takes its toll on you. You begin to feel small when the subject of careers comes up, when the question inevitably turns to you and they get a smirk on their face. I was with my dad and his friends once this summer, and they asked me what I was studying to be. When I told them, they turned to my dad, laughing, “What are you letting her do that for?” We undermine our own profession because it is constantly being undermined around us. But we shouldn’t. We should be proud of it, because in the end, those kids really are worth it. […]

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