How good a liar am I? Taking up a PLN challenge

No, I can’t resist a challenge. And even though I am completely overwhelmed with the arrival of midterm, with grading, assessing efolios and report card writing, I made time to take up Dave Dodgson’s Challenge. On his post, he talks about an acitivity many of us have done in the first day of class, which is saying things about ourselves and slipping a lie in the middle, to have students speculate which one is a lie. Dave recorded himself doing it and invited readers of his blog to guess among the five things he said which two were lies, which were true. Here’s the challenge:

  • Post a video, audio recording or just a regular post on your blog in which you state 5 facts about yourself – 3 truths and 2 lies.
  • Invite your PLN to quiz you and speculate on what the lies are!

So here’s my recording, and I invite you to guess which 2 things are lies. I have always wondered how good a liar I am.;-)

Can you tell which two things are not true???

38 comments on “How good a liar am I? Taking up a PLN challenge

  1. Julie Raikou says:

    Good morning from Greece, Ceci!

    Yours was the first post I checked this morning and I just have to comment!

    I don’t believe your husband fainted at the wedding, if anything he swooned at the reality of becoming joined in matrimony to someone with such beauty, humour and multiple intelligences!

    And I find it difficult to believe you followed an online course for touch-typing although I do believe you probably type very quickly. However, you would seem to be pretty good at combining truth & lies so ….don’t keep us waiting too long to discover the truth!

    From a former javelin-thrower ….

    • Hahahaha :-D And having your comment as the first one made my day Julie! Even I would like to marry the person you described!!! Maybe the emotion was too great for him to bear???

      And you used to throw the javelin too??? Wow! Most people here in Brazil have never even heard of the javelin – I used to throw it when I went to high school in the US.

      I promise to let the truth be known by the end of this week :-)

  2. Chiew says:

    Convincing, Ceci! I’m not a good eye reader, but I’d say you weren’t a graphics designer nor were you a javelin thrower! I’m probably wrong, huh? :)

    • Thank you Chiew! So you think I’m a good liar? Hmmm…. it might be a useful skill!
      Why can’t you believe I am/was a graphic designer? My materials always looks nice… ;-) It’s certainly I skill I could bring to my real calling, which is teaching. And why is it hard to believe I threw the javelin? Don’t let the fact that I am not very big impress you! Looks can be deceiving!!!! ;-)

      Who knows, Chiew… you maight be right… or then again, I may be a good liar after all! And thanks for putting your link here! I forgot to add the people who had already taken up the challenge.

  3. Chiew says:

    Oh, forgot to tell your readers to have a go at mine here!

  4. Sandy Millin says:

    I think the first one about doing a touchtyping course online is a lie, though I believe you probably can type that fast.
    I think the other lie is about your husband fainting at the wedding – maybe it was you?
    Looking forward to finding out the answer :)

    • But Sandy, wouldn’t my being able to type fast be evidence of me taking the course? How else would I have learned to type fast?
      And why can’t it have been the groom to faint – why is it always expected for the bride to be the one??? I actually only fainted once in my life, the day after a surgery, trying to be the tough one and do things on my own… It reminded me sometimes we have to accept people helping us :-)

  5. Fiona says:

    Ooooh ….. very convincing! Very difficult to tell which is which. I think
    -you didn’t throw the javelin
    – you didn’t study graphic design
    However, would be quite surprised if I were right as they are only guesses!

    Here’s mine (it’s very short):


    • Hi Fiona :-) I’m beginning to think I have an untapped talent for lying! Hahaha… So, your guesses are the same as Chiew’s… Interesting…

      Will let the truth out of the bag before the week is over! ;-) And am going to check yours right now!

  6. Baiba says:

    Hi Ceci, you are a brilliant liar and I believed everything you said!…. except… maybe…about the languages? You look like you might know some more languages, my guess. And your husband must be a really frail man ;-) or is IT your lie?


    • Hi Baiba!

      Thank you!! (Is it strange that I am actually happy to find out I can lie well?? Good thing is I never do it, but good to know I’ll be good at it when I do!)
      So you think that I speak fluent Spanish, but that the lie is that I am fluent in other languages as well?? Hmmm… flattered! And the groom was anything but frail… he was just overwhelmed by the emotional moment (and the mid-summer heat that made the church feel like an oven might have played a part as well… ;-))

      Who knows??

  7. Ceri Jones says:

    Hi there – couldn’t resist!
    I think I know maybe 3 out of four – but from bits and pieces I’ve picked up before, not from your virtuoso lying act ;)
    I vaguely remember sth about a cockroach … and some shared tweets in Spanish – and some bits and bobs from you bio ….
    so I’m going to focus on the ones I definitely don’t know:
    I think maybe you taught yourself to type, and you did throw the javelin?
    probaby completely wrong!
    great fun anyway
    great challenge, Dave
    ceri x

    • Hey Ceri :-)

      Virtuoso lying act! I love the sound of that!!! I should have said that you and Shelly couldn’t take guesses… ;-)

      I am impressed at the little faith my PLN seems to have in my physical abilities… really, people. Give me a vote of confidence!!!

      BTW, are you joining the challenge? I hope so!
      Ceci X

  8. Sandy Millin says:

    You could have learnt to touch type without the course. i used a piece of software on mymcomouter called Mavis Beacon, then had many misspent hours on MSN to increase the speed! ;)

  9. DaveDodgson says:

    Hi Cecilia,

    An interesting and tough response to the challenge!

    Even though you’ve never mentioned it before (even when Sandy was telling me about it on Twitter one time), I believe you about the touch typing – sometimes you answer tweets super fast. (On a side note, I think I should have taken a course like that before starting my MA!)

    You’ve definitely mentioned studying graphic design before but I’m not sure about the teaching bit. You’ve also mentioned elsewhere that you’ve been a language teacher for 17 years or something like that so the numbers don’t add up!

    Husband fainting twice at the wedding sounds wierd enough to be true….

    The fluency in Spanish is a tricky one. You admitted on Scott Thornbury’s blog recently that you were anxious as a learner of French but that you felt comfortable in Spanish… However, you also said “I feel very self-conscious when speaking any foreign language other than English” – not sure if that means you consider yourself fluent or not…

    As for throwing the javelin, what was your personal best? Did you ever compete? With what result? :)

    • Hey Dave!

      I only answer fast when I am on the computer… the little keys on the phone and my nails don’t exactly work well together :-P And you’re right about what an overlooked and yet helpful tool a course like the one I did is for taking an MA (or in my case, online courses). As for being a language teacher for the past 18 years and it not adding up: who says I didn’t do both at the same time? I taught at the university during the week and English at a private course on Saturdays. Then, I dropped the university and went on to work on advertising agencies – always teaching English on Saturdays. I finally admitted teaching English was my passion, so I quit everything else and dived into ELT about 12 years ago.

      You’re a very observant blog reader, and have an impressive memory!!! I have to be more careful of what I say in my comments around the blogosphere… Regarding my days of javelin throwing: My personal best was at a regional meeting, where I got 364ft (approx. 110mts). Not too shabby, was it? Too bad I couldn’t repeat that at the qualifiers for state!!! I competed in the school league and got a couple of 1st places, one 2nd and a few 3rd places. Many times I didn’t get anything. That’s life, isn’t it? Sometimes we win, many we lose.

      • DaveDodgson says:

        Gotcha! 110 metres would have made you a world record holder and also put any track runners at the far end of the stadium in peril! ;)

      • You sooo did not catch me!!! I may have remembered it wrong… But I did throw the javelin…. Maybe it was 264ft?? It was 20 years ago Dave!!! I can’t remember it properly!

  10. seburnt says:

    Hmm. Based on the length of time you’ve been teaching English, I’m going to suggest that you were never a professor of design, etc, although I do know you did do your undergrad in that regard. The second I’ll expect is not correct is that you were a medalist in javelin. I base this on the fact I know that you were not always this petite.

    Your eyes did flash over to the right before you talked about your ex-husband fainting, so that’s often a sign of lying, but that, for some reason, seems like it could be true.

    • Hmmm… see my reply to Dave regarding the teaching English x being a professor in design time conundrum. And my not being always this petite (I’m petite??? Really??? Awwnnn… thank you, Ty! Quite a compliment considering my previous life!) should actually validate me being an athlete that threw the javelin. Bigger people frequently have strong arms!

      Did my eyes flash to the right?? I could always have done that intentionally… ;-) Maybe the story sounds too elaborate to be made up – as Dave suggested?

  11. Shirley Teacher says:

    Oie, Ceci! (^^)

    I guess u’ve never been into graphic design or anything of that sort.
    And guess you may speak Spanish, but not as well as you speak English.

    Have I found out?

    • Oi Shirley!
      So I don’t look like a designer? Maybe… designers are usually posh and intellectual types. And I’m neither :-P
      Who knows if you found out? Truth shall be revealed…soon.

  12. Hi Cecilia,

    Hmm, tricky! But think I also saw your eyes moving when you started to talk about the being fluent in Spanish and not too sure about the javelin throwing bit. Know you were involved in graphic design, but not sure if you were a lecturer in the same university? …difficult, so will opt for javeling throwing oh, and yes, remembered, the touch typing, yes that must be it!


    • Hi Valéria,

      How come I never notice the eye movement when I see other people’s videos?? I have to train myself to be more observant! But it seems that the javelin throwing is a general consensus. The typing seems to be a recurrent guess too… who knows? ;-)


  13. Don’t you speak Portuguese?

    I have to admit that you got me on this. Good lying! :)

    So I vote the language fluency as one lie and the touch typing as the other. You talked slower on the touch typing part.

    • Hi Al!

      Yes, I speak Portuguese… maybe I wasn’t clear, but I meant languages other than my L1 :-) I love that everyone seems to be paying attention to speech and eye patterns!! I need to pay more attention to those!
      Will reveal the truth soon :-)

  14. Hi Ceci,
    I’m going to have to pick up on Chiew and Tyson’s comments and go with glances to the right, at 1:24 and 1:54, and was that a little one at 2:14, too?? [Those hours of watching ‘Lie to me’ with Tim Roth weren’t wasted :-) ]
    So I think that the lies are the wedding story and the story about your foreign language ability. I’ll follow Dave on the references you’ve already made about languages, and if I remember correctly in your PLN interview with Brad Patterson you mentioned the javelin throwing. As for the touch typing and graphic design, I think I’ve also already heard about the latter and would agree with the comments above about the typing.
    Looking forward to the answers,

    • Could you be more specific?? Hahahaha… From the comments I have read, there may be many “Lie to Me” watchers among us ;-) I’m beginning to get scared about being seen on camera by you people!!! ;-)
      Truth shall come out, soon!

  15. Ken Samac says:

    Number two, because you looked down and to the right; which indicates you had to think about what you were saying i.e. fabracating. Sincerely, Ken Samac @kensamac (Twitter)

  16. […] One of my last posts here was my contribution to Dave Dodgson’s PLN Challenge, where we had to tell 5 things about our lives – 2 of them being lies. We should then invite the PLN to guess which things were the truth, which were the lies. If you haven’t seen my post on it, you can check it here. […]

  17. Hi Cecília,
    Interesting challenge… I decided not to read the comments, so that, I wouldn’t know the answer. I think I’ve spotted them and my guess is nº 2 and nº4. Am I right? I hope so… hahaha!
    See you,

  18. NRUTKO says:

    I am not a teacher, but this activity is an interesting idea for some general form of entertainment durig long winter evenings among friends. Of course you must know your friend quite well to tell when he/she lies. I think it is not only the unusual or strange facts that may give you away, but also body language – nervous laugh or the tone of voice. I am afraid my friends would know when I lie, I couldn’t just tell lies with a poker face. But who knows, maybe this „game” could be a good way to learn how to be convincing to other people e.g. during n some business negotiations.

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